Bespoke Browbands - Design your Own!

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Bespoke Browbands

Create your own custom bling browband!

Do you want something special? Design your own browband with many crystal colours available.

  • Choose your favourite colours
  • Match the colours to your other riding equipment
  • Use your riding club or team colours
  • Choose you country colours
  • Bling your horse any way you like,etc, etc,

Bespoke bling browbands are made from superiour leather with large 8mm crystals. The very sparkly crystals are elegantly set in a silver or gold cup chain for a refined look.

Before your Browband is finalised, you will receive a photo via email to check if you are happy with your crystal choice.

All browbands are custom made and take about a week to finish. If you require additional sizes and colours please get in contact.


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